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Grant Administrator

The Grant Administrator researches the availability, application process, eligibility criteria and funding requirements of federal, state and local programs for project funding. This position monitors grant awards to determine compliance with Federal and State financial and program guidelines and to determine progress toward stated goals, objectives and daily activities.

Alyssa Burke
Grant Administrator
Mineral County Comptroller’s Office
P.O. Box 2021 Hawthorne, NV 89415
(P)775-945-0706 (F)775-945-1749

Brownfields Cleanup Grant

Mineral County has received a $1.517 million grant from the EPA Brownfields Clean-Up. These funds will be used to clean up and remediate the former Babbitt Military Housing Site located to the north of the town of Hawthorne, NV. The site was formerly military housing which was removed. The 324-acre site was transferred to Mineral County in 1998 from the U.S. Army. Investigations of the site determined that there remains older building foundations and piping with asbestos-containing material that need to be removed and properly disposed of. To learn more about this project, visit the Mineral County Independent New article below. 



OHV Staging Area

Mineral County was awarded a grant through the State of Nevada Off-Highway Vehicles Program to fund an OHV Staging Area off of Armory Road. As an OHV friendly community, we would like to provide a safe place for trail users to park before accessing our trails.

We are hoping this will only be the first phase of the project, but it will include a 300’x500’ parking area covered with gravel, bollards around the perimeter, and a 3-panel information kiosk installed by The Mineral County Sportsmen’s Club. The kiosk will not only provide trail maps and a QR code for NVOHV mapping data and OHV registration information, but also signage provided by Tread Lightly! Inc. to encourage all to do their part in cleaning up trash and debris along their routes. 

This staging area will also serve as a location to host OHV Registration Drives as well as OHV Safety Training. Under this project, signage donated by the Nevada Offroad Association, will be installed around the Staging Area directing OHV traffic in an attempt to keep traffic off of community roads creating dust hazards and safety issues.

Mineral County received letters of support from The Mineral County Sportsmen’s Club, Tread Lightly! Inc., and The Walker Basin Conservancy. These organizations have all offered their support as well as time and materials to assist with this project.


Mineral County has applied for and received another grant for the installation of vault style restrooms at the staging area. 


Department of Public Safety CESF Program

Mineral County received $75,180 for the purpose of replacing the existing JAVS systems in the Mineral County Commissioners Room and the Hawthorne Justice Court's Court Room. The upgraded components will have HD technology, so they’ll be compatible with current hardware and software technology in use by the County and public. This will produce virtual streaming that’s visibly and audibly clear and will capture clear audio and video for legal records. The new systems have been installed and will begin being used in the month of October 2023.

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) STOP Grant

Mineral County was awarded $15,000 in continued funding to retain our part time investigator for sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking crimes. The part time investigator is responsible for conducting investigations pertaining to domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking, as well as also assisting other Mineral County deputies with their investigations that involve the above type crimes to provide experience and training for more effective outcomes in their cases.

DOT Thriving Communities Program

Mineral County has been selected as a recipient of technical assistance, planning and capacity building support through the FY2022 Thriving Communities Program. The program provides two years of no-cost intensive technical assistance to under-resourced and disadvantaged communities to help identify, develop, and deliver transportation projects that strengthen communities. Through this program, we are receiving a sub-award of $90K. 

Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG) Grant

Purpose: This grant would allow MCSO to install MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) (in car terminals) for the deputy's vehicles. These improved communication capabilities are pertinent safety equipment for the deputies at Mineral County Sheriff’s Office. Mobile data terminals can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our deputies by providing them with quick and easy access to information directly from dispatch while leaving 911 lines open for emergencies.  

GOED Community Development Block Grant

Purpose: The purpose of this grant is to decommission the old boiler at the Boys and Girls Club and have HVAC installed. The RFP is out now and bids are to be reviewed in the June 18th Mineral County Commissioners Meeting. 

Submitted Applications

Below are the grant applications that we have submitted but have not been awarded.

NV Division of State Parks Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) – 2 project applications submitted

Purpose: The primary goal of this project is to remove and replace the yellow equipment at Lion's Park. The total cost of the project would be $103,849.89. Public Works will be doing $32,126.56 worth of in-kind labor, the remainder of the match required is $20,007.39.

Purpose: This project would include multiple upgrades to State Beach at Walker Lake. This would include new trailer camping areas, tent pads, extra shade areas, upper and lower parking areas, a new trail, and a beach volleyball area. The total project cost would be $326,440.70, After match commitments from other organizations, the remainder of the match required is $138,738.

Status: Evaluation and selection of projects happening now. 

SHPO Commission for Cultural Centers and Historic Preservation (CCCHP)

Purpose: This grant would allow us to continue on with restoration efforts of the old Esmerelda-Mineral County Courthouse. This grant would allow us to have a HSR (History Structures Report) completed to review the work that was previously completed in restoration efforts, assess what still needs to be done, and ensure we have the necessary documents for constructions projects. 
Screenshot 2024-05-16 070244

Status: Grant applications were due April 30, 2024. Awaiting award notifications. 

Future grant opportunities for the Courthouse project: Mineral County plan to apply for a CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) Slum and Blight Grant to start repairs on the exterior of the building. The grant cycle opens this summer. Stay tuned for a public meeting in July to discuss the project. 

Nevada Governor’s Office of Energy (GOE) Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EE CBG) Program

Mineral County is applying for funds for an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Programs for Buildings and Facilities project to make some of our buildings more energy-efficient. The buildings we have chosen are big fuel consumers and would create savings for the county while making the buildings more efficient. 

Mina Fire Department, Mina Library, Walker Lake Fire Department, Hawthorne Airport, & Mineral County Museum are the buildings that would be receiving the upgrades. 

Status: Grant applications were due April 22, 2024. Awaiting award notifications. 

In Progress Applications:

T-Mobile Hometown Grant

Purpose: This grant would allow us to purchase solar panels to heat the swimming pool and install shades in the grass area. The estimated cost is around $50,000.

Status: Grant applications are due July of 2024.

EPA Community Change Grant

Purpose: Mineral County has the opportunity to apply for a Community Change Grant, a significant source of funding with the potential to support a new justice facility in our community. Proposed designs would include a new courthouse complex with two full-size jury courtrooms, spaces for the District Attorney and Public Defender offices, interview rooms, and a suite of offices for court officers and administrative staff. Additionally, a new Mineral County Sherriff’s Office to include a new detention facility, a designated juvenile probation area, modern medical rooms, and the MCSO’s administrative, patrol and dispatch services. To maximize the designated location and to improve community well-being, a public park will be part of the design.

Screenshot 2024-05-16 071709
Screenshot 2024-05-16 071647
Screenshot 2024-05-16 071726

Your opinion as a resident of Mineral County is important in understanding our community’s level of commitment and support for this project. Below is a confidential survey being conducted by Rural Community Assistance Corporation and will close on May 31. The information gathered will be used to support Mineral County’s grant application, so your participation is essential to our success.

Mineral County Justice Facility Community Survey