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Property Tax Information

Tax bills are only mailed once a yearTax rates are set in June of each year and tax bills are prepared and mailed out in the month of July.  Property taxes are due on the third Monday in August.  However, the property owner may elect to pay in installments.  The installment due date are on your tax bill. 

*There is a 10 day grace period.  Payment must be received in the office within 10 days of the due date

***Please note that these are not quarterly payments.  The Nevada Legislature has established these four due dates.  Applicable penalties will be charged for delinquent payments per NRS 361.483. 

Should the tax for any one installment remain unpaid after the grace period a 4% penalty will be added. 
A 5% penalty (of the tax amount only) will be assessed when taxes for two installments have not been paid by the end of the grace period.  The penalty is 6% when three installments are late and if all four installments are delinquent a 7% penalty is added.  Prior year delinquent taxes accrue interest at the rate of 10% per year.  Personal property delinquent penalty is 10% per installment. 

All property upon which taxes are not paid in full within 60 days after the 1st Monday of March of each year will be published on the Mineral County website and charged as delinquent.  With all penalties, costs, and publication costs added thereto a TAX LIEN will be filed against the same on the first Monday in June.  Property owners have 2 years from the date the LIEN is filed to redeem the property by payment of all taxes, delinquencies and costs.  If not paid, a TAX DEED will be taken transferring delinquent property to the Mineral County Treasurer, Trustee and will be available for auction.  

If you purchase real property during the tax year, you are responsible for any taxes not paid as of the close of escrow.  Please contact the Treasurer's Office to request a duplicate bill.  As stated in NRS 361.480 failure to receive an individual tax bill does not excuse the taxpayers from the timely payment of his taxes. 

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