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Recorder | Cindy Nixon

Welcome to the web page for the Mineral County Recorder

The Mineral County Recorder's office currently has a staff of two, the Recorder and one Deputy.

s Recorder, I am responsible for ensuring this office provides the public with courteous and prompt service of recording and mail-back of public records, as well as preservation of and public access to those records.  All records are indexed by the names of the principal parties (grantor/grantee), document date, document type, Assessor's parcel number, legal description and location information found within the document.  To locate a document, including mining documents, you will need the name of one of the principal parties. The above listed indexing criteria is also helpful when searching for a document on our website. Our office is equipped with technology making official records dated back to 1985 available online.  For official copies of documents recorded prior to 1985, please call, email, or stop by our office here in Hawthorne.

Our records date back to the establishment of Mineral County in 1911.  Also maintained by our office are bound copies of the Mineral County Independent News back to the 1930’s and the Walker Lake Bulletin back to 1911 for research purposes.

In order to avoid delays or rejections when submitting documents for recording, please follow the links provided on this page to access valuable information related to all of your recording needs such as updated recording fees and document requirements.  You may also download and print selected mining and other recording forms.  Please call us at (775) 945-3676 if you have any questions.

Please note:  Our office is prohibited from lending any legal advice. (NRS 7.285)