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Mineral County Sheriff | Bill Ferguson

The mission of the Sheriff is to provide Mineral County Sheriff's Office with a set of values, principals, and beliefs in order to strive for unity and success.  The sheriff has implemented department policy to lead all staff to a common vision and purpose.  The principals and guidelines in this policy will serve as a foundation to excellence. 

The Mineral County Sheriff is an organization that functions to Serve and to Protect its citizens.  The citizens in all cases are our first priority.  We will exhibit respect and lawfulness at all times.  We will set ourselves to the highest of standards to perform our duties through proactive and ethical behaviors.  The single most factor for success is our commitment.  Our commitment is to serve the Department by working to support each other as a team, to serve the people of this community to ensure their safety and to provide the services for their needs.  It is as important to commit ourselves to strive for success, constant self improvement for personal integrity, leadership, and to achieve our goals.  

To commit to your profession is to pledge yourself to understand the mission.