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Frequently Asked Questions


When are the County Commissioner meetings held?
County Commissioner meetings are normally held on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 9:00 a.m. at the location below:

Mineral County Courthouse
105 S. A Street
Hawthorne, NV 89415

How do I obtain a copy of the County Commission agenda?
1. You can view a copy of the agenda on our website before a regular scheduled commission meeting.

2. A hard copy can be provided upon request from the County Clerk and Treasurer’s Office prior to the meeting. Copies are also available on the day of the County Commissioner meeting.
3. The agenda is also visibly posted at the following locations:

  • Mineral County Independent-News, 420 3rd Street, Hawthorne, Nevada
  • Mineral County Clerk & Treasurer’s Office, Mineral County Courthouse, Hawthorne, Nevada
  • County Commissioner’s Meeting Room, Mineral County Courthouse, Hawthorne, Nevada
  • Lobby of the Mineral County Courthouse, Hawthorne, Nevada
  • Lobby of the Mount Grant General Hospital, Hawthorne, Nevada
  • Bulletin Board at the Hawthorne Post Office, Hawthorne, Nevada

 How do I sign up to speak at a County Commission meeting?
A person wishing to speak may fill out a Citizen Inquiry form for a general public comment or a Citizen Input form to comment on a specific agenda item. These forms are available at the viewing locations and they help facilitate the meeting by knowing how many citizens want to speak.

How do I sign up to speak at a County Commission meeting?
A person wishing to speak may fill out a Citizen Inquiry form for a general public comment or a Citizen Input form to comment on a specific agenda item. These forms are available at the viewing locations.


How do I find property ownership?
You will be able to search secured property, personal property, and sales records by going to     Assessor Data Search

How do I find information on Nevada’s tax system?
The Nevada Taxpayers Association produces a handbook called “Understanding Nevada’s Property Tax System.” Obtain a copy from the Mineral County Assessor's Office or visit    Nevada Taxpayer's Association

Is there an agency that oversees the Assessor offices statewide?
The Nevada Department of Taxation routinely oversees all aspects of Assessor office functions. To find out more visit      Nevada Department of Taxation

Where can I find the "Taxpayer Bill of Rights?"
You can find the "Taxpayer Bill of Rights" by visiting the Nevada Department of Taxation and look for "Taxpayer Bill of Rights" under Quick Links.       Nevada Department of Taxation

Building Department

Where do I apply for a building permit?
Mineral County Building Safety is located at

314 5th Street
Hawthorne, NV 89415


Did you receive my voter registration?
You can look up your voter registration on the Nevada Secretary of State's website. If you cannot locate your registration or you have questions regarding your registration, please contact the Clerk's Office.

District Court

When is my next court date?
Please contact the District Court Clerk’s office at:

(775) 945-0738

Where can I get information about Drug Court?
Please contact the District Court Clerk’s office at:

(775) 945-0738

I have been summoned for jury duty. What now?
Fill out the form that accompanied your summons and mail immediately. Call the 888 number after 5:00 p.m. The night before the trial to determine if you still need to appear. If excused from jury duty you will receive a letter in the mail.

(775) 945-0738

Emergency Management

How Can I Prepare My Household for an Emergency?
The basic steps are:

  • Create an emergency plan
  • Make an escape plan
  • Prepare a disaster supplies kit
  • Make plans for your pets
  • Prepare an emergency car kit
  • Know what to do if you need to evacuate

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mineral County Fire Department at (775) 945-2497

Human Resources

What positions are currently available?
Current job openings are posted under Employment Opportunities.

How do I get to the Mineral County Human Resources Office?
The Mineral County Human Resources Office is located in the Comptroller’s office in the Mineral County Courthouse.

How do I apply for a job with the Sheriff's Office?
Please contact the Sheriff's Office for more information.

Public Works

Is there fuel at any of the airports?


What is a cover page?
A cover page is used when:

  • Your document does not have a 3"X3" square in the upper right hand corner.
  •  Re-Recording a document.
  • Your document contains personal information.

Note: When a document contains personal information, the NRS, Grant, or Federal Law that requires the personal information must be identified and an original signature is required.

Can recorded documents be searched online?
Yes, the index is available from the previous day to 1985. Copies are now available online through the links provided. If you encounter difficulty in obtaining copies, please contact our office by phone or e-mail.

Where can we get forms for our mining claims?
Our office does have a list of forms you may use. You also may contact the State of Nevada Department of Minerals at (775)684-7040 or on the web at

Do you take credit card payments?
Yes, we accept credit card payment.

What do I need to record my deed?
A Declaration of Value form is required when recording a deed.  Real Property Transfer Tax may be due upon time of recording the deed. 

What forms can the recorder’s office provide?
The Mineral County Recorder’s office can only provide the following forms:

  • Cover Page
  • Declaration of Value (and for your information, an Exemptions Listing for Real Property Transfer Tax) 
  • Declaration of Homestead
  • Abandonment of Homestead
  • Affidavit For Correction Of A Marriage Certificate

Can the recorder’s office tell me what forms I need to record a document?
Per Nevada Revised Statutes 7.285, the recorder’s office cannot provide any legal advice, forms or advise on how a form should be completed.

Can we E-record with your county?
Yes, we accept E-Recording.

Hawthorne Justice Court

After I get a traffic ticket, how long should I wait to pay it?
Please allow 2 weeks for the court to receive and process the citation.

My traffic citation is at warrant. What do I do now?
Your case has been turned over to a collection agency. Please call Valley Collection Service at 800-244-9665 to make your payment.

If I don't agree with the citation, what should I do?
You should consider scheduling a court appearance to plead NOT GUILTY. A defendant can only enter a Not Guilty plea before a Judge. For non-local Defendants, the plea may be submitted by correspondence.

Prior to entering your Not Guilty plea to the court, you may want to contact the  Mineral County District Attorney's office for possible plea negotiations. By negotiating a plea agreement, a traffic trial is avoided.

If the District Attorney and the Defendant are unable to reach an agreement, then a trial date in front of the Justice of the Peace will be set.

All Defendants, including non-local individuals, must appear in person or authorize an attorney to represent them at these proceedings.

Can I make an appointment to talk to the Judge?
No, an appointment to talk with the Judge is not allowed. All ex-parte communication is prohibited by law. Each party or their respective attorney must have the opportunity to be involved in any communication. this also means we can not pass on email or letters addressed to the Judge on matters pertaining to an active case.

Treasurer - Delinquent Tax Sale

Do you maintain a mailing list of interested parties in the tax sales?
Yes, the Treasurer's office maintains a mailing list of those parties.

Will the County assist if a foreclosure is necessary?
No, the County does not assist with foreclosure proceedings.

Does Mineral County offer a financing program?
No, Mineral County does not offer any type of financing on sale parcels. Payment in full is required by 3:00 p.m. on the day of the auction.